Why Chemical Peels Are a Must Have For Any Skin Business

Chemical peels, aka ‘skin peel’ have become a staple of skin therapy businesses not just in the UK, but worldwide. The skin peel works by brushing liquid on the face which exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells, in turn increasing the regeneration of new cells.  

A basic superficial peel will be applied to the skin of your client for around a minute giving a slightly prickly feeling as this chemical exfoliation product goes about its business. 

Once the treatment has been completed it will leave the skin looking fresher and younger. How often your client will have a peel will be dependent upon the strength of the peel and the time it is left on the face. 

Chemical Peels

What types of chemical peels are there?

There are three types of skin peel treatments typically sold in skin clinics and skin businesses. These are –

  • Superficial Peels
  • Medium Peels
  • Deep Peels

The reason it’s beneficial to have the three different types of peels is that you can treat different types of skin concerns with each type of peel. The pricing of the peels gets more expensive too with the superficial being most affordable and the deeper peel being more pricey.

Superficial Chemical Peels

Superficial skin peels remove the skin just from the top layer of skin and are only left on for a few minutes. There is minimal downtime with this treatment with mild redness (dependent upon skin type) and the skin feeling tighter for a few hours after. Although this is the cheaper of the treatments, clients will need to come for regular treatments to see the best results enabling you the best opportunities to sell other treatments and home care products to your clients.

Superficial Chemical Peels

Medium Chemical Peels

Medium chemical peels remove the top layer and the middle layer of the skin and is either left on for just a few minutes or little longer depending on the strength of the peel. When the peel is applied to your client it may have a burning or stinging sensation and it can go brown or red for up to six weeks. This type of peel is only recommended once every 6-12 months due to the strength of it.

Medium Chemical Peels

Deeper Peels

Deeper peels affect the deeper layers of skin with a freeing sensation often being felt during the treatment. The is quite significant downtime with swelling lasting up to two weeks and redness lasting up to three months. This is a one-off treatment that does not need to be performed again. It is also not advised to be done on darker skin as it often results in a lightening of the skin.

Each of these peels should be recommended on a case by case process and if needed, especially for the deeper and medium peel, clients should consult their doctor first.

How much can I charge for a chemical peel?

Superficial peels in the UK are often sold at £60-100 per treatment, although this is on the lower bracket of pricing, these work excellently when sold as a package, in conjunction with other treatments or sold with home care products to maximise your revenue. Deeper peels are sold anywhere for £250-500 per treatment in the UK and medium peels can expect to be somewhere in the middle.

If you would like to introduce chemical peels or skin peels into your business, take a look at our chemical peel training information page by clicking here.


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