We have been delivering microneedling, skin peel and LED light training courses for over 10 years and believe we are the best training company in the UK, just take a look at our Google and Facebook reviews which have no reviews below 5 star.

We have access to the best aesthetic skin care products in the UK if not globally. It is essential for all of our treatments to use the safest methods, the correct products and have excellent knowledge to effectively deliver this treatment to your clients. We will continue to support you after you have completed your training, with our team of experts.


If you are reading this information page, it is likely you have visited our other pages regarding various other treatments that we train our delegates in.

The one day intensive course has grown in popularity and has now become our most popular course.

We always recommend this to our customers, not just because it’s good value for money, but because you can bring three new treatments into your business in just one days training.

This has huge benefits when trying to build your business because repeat custom is what helps any business build a solid foundation. Offering multiple advanced skin treatments equals more lifetime value from each of your customers.

First of all please see the treatments covered in this 1 day course:

Microneedling | Dermaroller | Dermafix Pen Device | Skin Peels | LED light therapy

Is all this manageable in one day?

We get asked this question a lot and this level of intensity is not for everyone. However, if you are running a busy business or have a busy work schedule then this training may be perfect for you. Of course the benefits are that you that you will only be out of your business for one day as opposed to 3, potentially saving on travel costs.

So yes it is intense, there is a lot of information/theory to take on board. There is a very comprehensive manual mirroring all the information provided on the day. Certainly there is quite a bit of overlap with skin theory, many of the fundamentals apply across all of these treatments.

We always recommend starting these treatments as soon after training as possible, whilst everything is fresh in your mind. However, if you feel you need to be refreshed of information, we will always welcome you back. We do ask that you do this within a 3 month time frame of completing your training. You will see from our reviews that this a highly recommended course and it definitely works out a little cheaper than doing the courses individually.

This course is aimed at advanced practitioners wanting to develop new skills in advanced skin protocols. The day has been designed to optimise the delegate’s time and travel expenses. The treatments all compliment each other and can be tailored to create a treatment plan for an individual client’s needs with results-driven outcomes.



  • Receive 3 separate training certificates for each modality
  • 50% theory and 50% practical
  • No pre-course materials are necessary
  • Includes complimentary treatment (as a training model), training manual and certificate of completion


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how we use microneedling

How We Use Microneedling

We train our delegates in the use of dermaroller and automated pen devices.

All microneedling products in our training are created by leading South Korean brand, Genosys.

A professional microneedling treatment is intended to cause a degree of trauma to the skin.

This trauma stimulates new collagen cells in abundance.

The ageing process, low body weight, regular intense exercise, smoking, drinking, diet and the environment all impacts collagen and elastin.

By creating 1000’s of minor wounds the skin begins to heal itself, as would any wound in 3 stages.

This is an intense training course and we are experts in the field of microneedling.

You will receive an extensive manual with ample further reading.

We will also cover aspects of LED (low level light therapy). LED’s make the ideal finish to a microneedling treatment. LED will reduce inflammation in the skin following any advanced skin therapy treatment.

We train delegates to use a 1mm needle length for a face treatment. For body treatments we train you to use 2mm. (Beauty therapists will need to check with their insurance providers what needle length they are covered to use.)

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Facial Training Course

Overview For Skin Peel Training

We provide full protocols.

Also, we will discuss other skin peels and brands.

However, epiderma5 have just launched AHA 70, a 70% glycolic acid peel, for medical practitioners only.

The course is generic in nature with a product focus on epiderma5 40% glycolic peel.

A thorough revision of skin and its functions will leave you with the knowledge to underpin this treatment and able to succinctly explain the benefits to your clients.

More information on the epiderma5 range can be found at www.skinhealthsolutions.co.uk

Microneedling & Skin Peel Starter Kits

Starter kits are available to our course delegates.

These can be purchased either on the day or in advance of the course. These are not compulsory and our microneedling course is generic.

However, these kits offer everything required to get commence treatments on clients immediately.

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Our One Day Intensive Training Course


All groups are kept small and 2 or more trainers are always on hand. No pre-course materials are necessary. We encourage you to sample treatments on the day, at no extra cost.

The Microneedling & LED courses are generic in nature with a product focus on Genosys.

The skin peel is brand specific to epiderma5 40% glycolic peel and 70% glycolic peel for medics.

You will receive 3 separate training certificates for each modality.

Please contact us in the office and someone will be very happy to discuss this course in more detail.

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