Covid-19 Infection Control

Your health

Before we discuss our measures we will request that all delegates be fit and healthy on arrival. We urge you to postpone if you have come into contact with anyone suffering symptoms of Covid-19, or have any inclination, whatsoever, that you may be experiencing symptoms yourself. We have requested the same of all our staff members.

Reduced delegate numbers

For the foreseeable future there will only be 2 – 4 delegates per group. Wherever possible social distancing will be maintained. PPE is available where necessary. Please feel free to bring your own. Where possible we will keep you in a ‘bubble’. Where possible you will not come into contact with admin staff. We will have bottled water on site, we also have filtered water. Sanitisers and hand washing facilities are available throughout the building.

On arrival

Sanitiser is available and required on entering the centre. We have the track and trace QR code, that we kindly request you scan. There are multiple handwashing points throughout the building. Sanitiser gel and sprays are available and encouraged throughout. We request that hair is tied back, that you wear clean clothes, and minimal or no jewellery.

Our environment

We have open, spacious, well ventilated training centres. Frequent cleaning will be carried out by our team. We have a regular professional contract cleaning team also. All fire doors will be propped open. All windows will be ajar weather permitting. Delegates will be asked to clean all practical equipment before and after use. 

Practical skin treatments

All treatments will be carried out on each other. We strongly urge you to participate in having a treatment. Please think about this seriously before having any other skin treatments elsewhere. Of course, we appreciate certain skin conditions that will be contraindicated, please advise us in advance of your training if this is the case, or if you are unsure.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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