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Take the Dermaplaning Training Course and get certified. LIMITED SLOTS ONLY.
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Dermaplaning Training Course


Training Course

Welcome to Emma Coates Dermaplaning Training

We have been delivering training courses for over 10 years and have some of the UK’s best trainers delivering our dermaplaning training course. We have access to the best skin care products in the UK if not globally. It is essential for this treatment to use the safest methods, the correct products and have excellent knowledge to effectively deliver this treatment to your clients. We will continue to support you after you have completed your training, with our team of experts.

This is a short 1/2 day training course with kit included in the training fee. All skincare products are from the Genosys range.

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment that removes the dead skin cells in the upper layer of the skin. It uses a surgical scalpul to lighly ‘shave’ the surface of the skin which also removes the fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) from the face.

The treatment can be performed monthly in under thirty minutes and has minimal to no downtime.

Dermaplaning is a treatment typically only performed on the face and is not to be used for shaping eyebrows, which are also made up of vellus hairs.


level 2 in beauty therapy, ITEC or HND

nurse, dentist, doctor, pharmacist

If your qualification does not appear, please do enquire, but your qualification does need to be within the health and beauty sector.

Please note – We are sorry if you do not meet the entry-level and can therefore not take our course. Our accrediting bodies for insurance will not accept your application.

Course Agenda

  • Revision of Skin A&P
  • Skin Health
  • Overview of dermaplaning
  • Treatable skin conditions
  • Products and ingredients used during treatment
  • Contraindications
  • Benefits
  • Aftercare
  • Introduction to  LED
  • Hands-on practice
  • Q & A
  • Marketing Advice

Course Information

This is an intense 4-hour course.

All groups are kept small and 2 trainers are always on hand.

No pre-course materials are necessary.

We encourage you to have a treatment on the day, at no extra cost.

Please dress comfortable, uniform is not necessary.

Lunch and refreshments are provided.

Dermaplaning is a hair removal treatment that exfoliates the skin and also removes vellus hair in the process. A sterile blade is used to remove the top layer of dead skin, not only removing hair but also improving skin tone and texture instantly.
Course Summary:
  • Half-day intensive training course
  • 50% theory and 50% practical
  • Includes complimentary treatment (as a training model), training manual and certificate of completion
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On The Day

You will be provided with a training manual

Starter kits are available to purchase on the day or prior to training: EC Training work with Genosys a South Korean cosmeceutical skincare range.

All products can be found at www.skinhealthsolutions.co.uk please contact us for trade login.

A certificate is given at the end of the day after supervised practice of the microneedling treatment is achieved to a satisfactory level.


We work closely with providers Towergate & Hamilton Fraser

Also, many other providers such as BABTAC, Holistic Health & Cosmetic Insure will offer cover on completion of this course. Check firstly with your current provider as they may be able to add microneedling to your current treatment list.

Finally, We are an independent training company, accredited by ABT and a recognised training company by Hamilton Fraser. We have an expert team of extremely knowledgeable educators.

Open Door Policy

If for any reason you feel you the need to return for further training we are more than happy to facilitate this within 3 months original training

We have a fully manned office and are at the end of a phone line or email and will endeavour to respond to any queries immediately or within the hour.

Lunch is provided | You will be given a training manual and a certificate | Starter kits to purchase.

EC Training work with Genosys microneedling range.

All products can be found at www.skinhealthsolutions.co.uk please contact us for trade login.

Fun facts about our amazing clients


5 star Facebook and Google Reviews

Over 1000 skin therapists trained by us from the UK and overseas


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Dermaplaning – The Treatment

Removes surface dead/keratinised skin cells.
Removes unwanted facial hair, skin has a nice, healthy glow.
Skin feels incredibly soft and smooth.
Non-traumatic method of skin rejuvenation.
Can accentuate facial features and make clients look slimmer.
Can be used in pregnant women who may be contraindicated in other treatments such as chemical peels etc.
Make-up glides on effortlessly for a flawless finish.
Allows topical treatments to be absorbed more readily into the deeper layers of the skin.
Exfoliation treatment of choice for extremely sensitive skin, redness or rosacea, or visible facial veins.

Please speak to your insurance company to make sure they will insure you for dermaplaning. If not we have a few insurers that will look at it for you.

dermaplaning course
dermaplaning training course UK

Why introduce dermaplaning into your business?

Dermaplaning as a treatment is becoming incredibly popular in the UK. The main reasons for this are that it can be performed in under 30 minutes, results are instant and it treats various skin concerns all at once.

  • You can expect to charge anywhere from £45 – 75 for the treatment.
  • Dermaplaning can be sold as a course of treatments to
  • Works great with LED light therapy as an upsell to maximise revenue.
  • A fantastic treatment to easily sell to existing customers.
  • Attract new customers with a treatment that is gaining mainstream exposure and growing in popularity.

What does Dermaplaning treat?

By taking our dermaplane training course, you will be able to widen the number of skin concerns you are able to treat.

Dermaplaning is great for

  • Vellus hair (peach fuzz) removal
  • Exfoliation
  • Improvement in acne scarring over time
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Promoting healthier skin turnover
  • Reduced vellus hair means cleaner skin due to less trapped dirt.
dermaplane course

Why is removing peach fuzz beneficial?

A common misconception with dermaplaning is that removing the vellus hair, or peach fuzz, is purely for an aesthetic benefit. Although this is true and that many women enjoy the appearance of their skin post treatment, peach fuzz removal can give us cleaner and healthier skin.

Dermaplaning helps skin health because the fine vellus hairs trap debris and oils giving the skin a dull appearance. By removing peach fuzz this promotes cleaner healthier skin.

After dermaplaning skin care products and treatments are able to penetrate the skin more effectively.

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