5 Actionable Steps to Expand your Beauty Business Today

How can I expand my skin care or beauty business?

With 15 years experience in the Skin Care industry, Emma Coates has made education the forefront of her ambition. Having run businesses for the best part of two decades and having seen the businesses she operates change drastically, having to keep up with competition has been what has enabled her to run successful businesses.

However, its not just running her own business that Emma is passionate about, it is helping others within the industry that she loves, build their businesses.

‘Helping aestheticians succeed is our primary goal, but most importantly, enabling them to deliver safe and effective treatments is what we specialise in’ Emma Coates

Below are Emma’s top 5 tips that you can implement into your business TODAY, to start increasing your revenue!

Expand my beauty business
Expand my beauty salon

1. Website

The all important website! And most businesses do not even utilize it properly! Whether its registering with google search console, google analytics (don’t panic, this is more simple than it sounds!) or just making sure the site is easy to use or looks nice!

Action – Make sure google is reading your site.

This is done through registering your site on Google Search Console. If you dont do this, google wont even know your site exists, let alone potential customers!! Crazy!

So to make this easy, you can either follow the following link or you can head to fiverr.com and get someone to do this for you for under £10!

2. Add New Skin Care Services

One simple answer to how can I expand my business is – offer more services! By having more services within your buiness, you can upsell other services to existing clients.

Many skin care courses require that you have a particular quaifcation to take it (i.e. level 3 beauty), however, if thats the case, go get qualified! Work on expanding your knowledge and impress your customers.

Plenty of courses such as Facial Training, which Emma Coates Aesthetic Training offer, dont even need prior qualifications to take the course.

Action – find a new service to add to your business and work on implementing it ASAP. Whether this is by taking a course on the skill, or something you are already qualified to do.

How to grow your skin care business

3. Recommendations

In any business trust is key. By setting a referral policy you could massively improve your sales and build trust with existing clients.

Not only is it possible for you to bring new business into your salon or skin care company, but also you will be rewarding loyal customers with discounts.

‘People are four times more likely to buy from you when recommended by a friend’Nielsen

Action – set up a refferal policy and tell your customers about it!

Make sure your customers are aware of your referral policy, and offer a good discount for them to make it worthwhile. If you offer 50% off a treatment, you’re far more likely to get a referral than just 10%!

4. Adwords

Google adwords is a great way of getting quick wins for your business. If done correctly it will generate clicks to your website of customers searching for businesses just like yours!

You can set this up really simply by just heading to https://adwords.google.com/home/. The great thing about adwords is it makes your beauty business show up in google and you only pay when people click on your site, great, right?

Action – find one area of your business that you’d like to generate more traffic to i.e. ‘nails’ or ‘lashes’ and set up an adwords campaign that sends traffic to, and this is important, the correct service page.

Adwords can be tricky initially, luckily adwords have a customer service number that you can call.

Alternatively, there are companies out there that provide adwords services. If you chose to go with a company, ask them if they have experience in the beauty industry and how much it should cost per click to get to your site!

5. Google my Business (formerly google places)

Want to get found locally? Set up Google my Buiness? No? Then read on…

By setting up Google my Business, you are telling google that you exist in real life! Not just on the internet, great huh?

This will tell google to show people your site when they type search times such as ‘beauty salon near me’

Action – set up a google my business account.

Head to google.com/business to register your account and follow the instructions, like adwords google business also has a customer helpline!

Once your business is appearing in google places, ask your customers to leave you a 5 star review. This will help your SEO ranking as it will tell Google that you are a reputable business and more importantly, tell you potential customers that you are a reputable business!

grow my skin care business

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