Is Microneedling good for Acne Scarring?

Acne scarring is very pretty among adults, those who suffered from acne during adolescence may still be feeling the effects of it years after.

People often aren’t aware that there are ways of treating acne scarring and reduce the appearance of it on the skin. 

One excellent solution is the use of microneedling. Microneedling can yield fantastic results for those left with acne scarring when done correctly and especially when paired with the right serums and aftercare products. 

Is Microneedling good for acne scarring?
A dermaroller microneedling treatment being taught at our training academy

How does microneedling work?

Microneedling is a procedure that use small fine-tip needles to make superficial punctures to the skin. These punctures create a healing response from the skin which, in turn, encourages collagen stimulation. This process results in the skin looking younger and fresher.

Microneedling as a treatment is virtually painless and has been described as being like having sandpaper lightly brushed across the skin. Those who do experience discomfort from the treatment can opt for a numbing cream to reduce the feeling.

Microneedling treatments can be done at varying different levels depending upon the severity of the acne scarring and the thickness of the skin. Also, different areas of the face will have different skin thickness, for example, the cheeks have much thicker skin than the forehead so a deeper needle depth can be used. 

How does Microneedling work?

How quickly can you see results?

You can see start seeing results as quickly 3-4 weeks after your first treatment, although dependent upon your skin condition you will likely need further treatments. How many treatments you may need is likely to be covered in your consultation with your aesthetician.

See the below video for an idea of a full microneedling treatment 

Is there any downtime?

Surprisingly, as this is a needling treatment, there is no or minimal downtime with most microneedling treatments. Depending upon the depth of the treatment you should be able to go about your normal daily activities immediately but always consult your aesthetician first. Wearing sunscreen is always advised.

Microneedling for Active Acne

The treatment of active acne is a whole topic in itself, but we’ll try and briefly look at microneedling specifically. 

We do not advise the use of microneedling with active acne. Microneedling can cause the spread of bacteria, acne and infection when treated on the wrong type of skin condition. It can aggrevate melasma and worsen rosacea. 

This is why micorneedling treatments need to be done with someone who is fully qualified and we strongly advise a skin consultation is done prior to the treatment. For those with active acne, there will be far more appropriate treatments that will help this skin issue and most aestheticians will be able to offer the alternative. 

Microneedling for aestheticians 

At our aesthetic training company, we offer a fantastic microneedling training course. If you are an aesthetician looking to add this amazing treatment that is fast becoming one of the UK’s most popular acne scarring treatment then get in touch below or on the messenger icon to the right-hand side of the screen for more information.

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