Microneedling Facts – The Power Of The Needle

Microneedling Facts vs Myths

Talk of needles may leave many practitioners and clients a little nervous. I have always loved the analogy of painfully pricking one’s finger and painlessly lying on a bed of nails! For all microneedling facts, read on.

Microneedling Facts vs Myths

Microneedling Fact #1: No Pain But Plenty Gain

So a dermaroller?  Full of tiny needles but attached to a cylinder and rolled over the skin is relatively comfortable. Yes its true if the correct needle length is applied. And then comes along the electric, automated, pen style microneedling device. Less needles than a dermaroller. Its very mechanism of perpendicular stamping and the actual shape of the needle make this form of skin needling even more comfortable.

Fact #2: Trauma Releasing Collagen

Our aim with microneedling is to cause trauma to the skin. Just like a cut or graze the skin begins to heal itself, right from that moment of injury. Throughout this healing process a cascade of events takes place resulting in a profusion of new collagen cells. Into these tiny micro channels we are able to apply advanced skincare ingredients such as peptides to further enhance the outcome. New collagen cells are the building blocks to allaying the effects of ageing, and there are few treatments on the market that are as safe or as potent as microneedling.

Fact #3: Excellent Training is Important

Of course good training is vitally important in delivering excellent treatments. This we hope results in happy, returning clients. There is much to know and learn. Skin diagnosis, skin conditions, suitable skin conditions to treat, treatment brands, equipment and aftercare advice. We deliver the very best training in the UK and have been doing so for over 15 years. There is not much we do not know about microneedling and this is one of our most popular courses. Why not join us at one of our fabulous training venues in:

as a refresher in microneedling or to upskill and introduce this incredible skin treatment to your clients.

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