Skincare: Our Passion, Your Passion

Skincare – focusing on cleansers

Here we all are with one united, common interest…..SKIN and all things skincare !! And we are all equipped, to some degree, with the tools to improve neglected, mistreated, not quite loved enough skin. Where to begin? Bring out the big guns? Microderm, RF, skin peels, microneedling, Botox®, fillers? Nope, let’s take it back to basics and start with skincare and educating our clients.


Makeup Wipes

I propose a ban. Ban all makeup removing wipes. This is a lazy craze and potentially skin unhealthy. They are also environmentally unhealthy. This has to become our daily mantra and relaying this skincare wisdom to our innocent but reckless clients. Removing makeup with a skin type specific cleanser will work wonders. For all genders, all ages, and all skin types, we like to be all-inclusive. Let’s vow to empower our clients with our knowledge and experience.


A light foaming, no need for SLS/SLES, we can produce foam without these skin irritators. However, cleansers with glycolic, salicylic, vitamin c, and skin soothers to calm and balance acne or acne prone skin. Double cleanse to remove all traces of makeup, dry and buff the skin with a clean towel to incorporate in a little mechanical exfoliation. These types of active cleansers are excellent for adolescents, struggling to control excess sebum and breakouts.

And for dry skin, something less astringent and a little more moisturising. Many parts of the UK have very hard water, great for oilier skin types but perhaps a bit drying and harsh for more mature drier skin types. A low percentage of exfoliator, glycolic or perhaps papaya to remove dead skin cells and a good buff with a clean dry towel. Add in some skin conditioners like ceramides and shea butter, some skin brighteners like liquorice and vitamin c, then watch for smiling faces and glowing skin.

Emma Coates Aesthetic Training regularly holds skincare training days, check for regular updates and newsletters here on the website or on our social channels. These workshops days are free of charge.

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